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Life Safety Systems Technicians Trained in Bi-Directional Amplifier Installation

Life Safety Systems technicians recently completed the BDA Training through

Honeywell / RSI and have obtained proper licensing for Design and Installation.

A BDA System is a Life Safety System. Similar to fire alarm, BDA is a code driven requirement. The BDA system must also be monitored by the building’s fire alarm system and annunciate the status of any signal booster(s). The monitoring panel shall provide visual and labeled indication of the following for each signal booster:

› Normal AC power

› Signal booster trouble

› Loss of normal AC power

› Failure of battery charger

› Low-battery capacity

› Donor antenna trouble

NFPA, IFC, and IBC includes requirements for the installation, performance, and strength of Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) for commercial facilities.

› The International Fire Code (IFC - Section 510)

› NFPA 1221 (2016 Edition), NFPA 72 (2013, 2010 Edition)

› IBC Section 916 (2015 Edition), IBC Section 915 (2012 Edition)


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