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Life Safety Systems provides the following fire protection services

Fire Detection System Design

Preparation of conceptual engineering documents which include:


Design Goals

  • Minimize fire related injuries and prevent unnecessary loss of Life.

  • Minimize fire damage to the building and its contents.

  • Maintain continuity of business operations.

  • Design Criteria

  • Code Compliant Designs based upon Building Use Group or Classification of Occupancy requirements and Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines.

  • Performance Criteria

  • Provide Audible and Visible Notification in all occupied areas of the building to ensure occupants have adequate time to escape without harm.

LSS outline basic functions such as:

  • Smoke and Heat Detection

  • Remote Annunciation

  • Occupant Notification

  • Emergency Forces Notification

  • Firefighters Emergency Communications

  • Suppression System Actuation

  • Phase I and Phase II Elevator Recall

  • HVAC Systems Interface and Smoke Control

  • Door Release

  • Ancillary Control Functions


Preparation of system design drawings which include:

Equipment Location Drawings – used to identify the main annunciator panel, remote annunciator panels, printers, control units, transmitters, transponders and municipal connections

Elementary Wiring Diagrams (Riser Diagrams) – used to illustrate the arrangement of peripheral devices in relation to the main control unit; power supply input circuit; IDC and NAC circuits; auxiliary output functions i.e. HVAC system connections and elevator recall

Device Location Drawings – Floor Plans

Point-to-Point Wiring Diagrams

Preparation of System Specifications

System Sensor.gif

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